Team members receiving award from Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu.


Global Eagle Foundation is a 501(c) non profit organization established to help transfer medical technology and assistance to underdeveloped countries through medical missions to treat diseases and empower indigenous personal.

Global Eagle Foundation aims to be a beacon of hope by providing compassionate care to those in need of life saving treatment not otherwise available in their communities.


Medical Missions

Global Eagle Foundation at the invitation of the State Government, has already undertaken three medical missions to perform free open heart surgery at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria in November 2004, June 2005 and April 2006. The team also at the invitation of the Federal Government, performed free open heart surgery at the National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria in October 2006. Future medical missions are planned every 6 months to different States in Africa extending us invitation.

  • During the first mission in November 2004, GEF in collaboration with the Government of Lagos State established a new open heart surgery program and critical care unit. Both the operating room and CCU were equipped with state of the art equipments.
  • During the first and then subsequent missions, open heart sugery was performed free of charge to indigent patients (children and adults) afflicted with both congenital and accuired heart diseases. All the patients were doomed to early premature deaths without these life saving surgeries.
  • During each medical mission the medical, nursing and paramedical staff were trained in various techniques to empower them
  • Exchange program established to allow local personal visit the United States for more observation and training


Team members and local staff with a patient.
Visiting team members and local staff including Dr. Leke Pitan Logos state commissioner for health with 2 operated Cardiac patients.

Global Eagle Foundation Funding

Donations are needed to accomplish these noble and life saving missions. Contributions are tax deductible and any amount is welcome and appreciated.

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